Put a THANK YOU button on posts

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Re: Put a THANK YOU button on posts

Post by Zeek »

Yes, I know the thing you mean. May be a mod that can be done. There's a new version of phpbb out now and the whole bun fight has changed,now has things called extensions and none of the old stuff works on the new. :-?
I've been thinking of changing over, and we can now as the "style" used on this forum has now been updated to be able to work on the new phpbb OS.

I need to get on and just do it shortly I guess...really we should go to something like VBulletin but it costs rather than being free.
Here's a great search technique I only leant a while back....
Use Google instead of the forum search.
Say you want to search for the word "Guzzi"
Then use Google search and type
site:classic-motor.bike Guzzi

Try it out on any site! Works bloody well. :D
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Re: Put a THANK YOU button on posts

Post by GarnZ »

Thanks ... Where do I press button?
RegardZ ~

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