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How to use the forum

Post by Zedboy »

For our new members I'd just like to give you a few pointers on using this forum....
After logging in (And it's recommended to check the "Remember me" box), you'll see your Username at the top right of the board.

Clicking on the USERNAME will reveal a drop box showing the User Control Panel, Profile and the Logout tabs.

Clicking on the QUICKLINKS tab will show a drop box for "Your Posts", "Unread Posts", "Active Posts" etc.

Clicking on the DIRECTORY tab will take you to a page where you can add or view a listing of websites for services, parts etc.
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User Control Panel
Here you add/edit personal settings for the board:
  • Profile -
    Add some details about yourself or an Avatar image
  • Board Preferences -
    Set your timezone
    There are a couple of choices of board colour themes
    Set notification and display settings on how you want to use the board
  • Private messaging -
    Settings related to sending/receiving PM's
The Directory Categories are basic at present but can be changed to anything deemed required by members....
example: they could be listed to suit models - say Kawasaki part suppliers, services, etc.
please post your thoughts for these listings and i can make necessary adjustments
Any logged in member can add a website, however the listing must be approved by Admin before it will display.

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